Posted on October 20, 2017

Moorilla is a winery with a museum attached. Moorilla’s owner, David Walsh, is also creator of Mona. Moorilla creates small-batch, cool-climate wines with new-world fruit and old-world complexity, showcasing the terroir of its two vineyards.


Moorilla winemaker is Canadian-born Conor van der Reest. Since beginning his career on Ontario’s Niagara Peninsula, he’s explored both the new and old worlds of wine in the Languedoc and Champagne regions, Marmara Sea, and Australia’s King, Hunter, Alpine and Yarra valleys.

In 2009, Moorilla presented Conor with the opportunity to work from the ground up on the rebuild of our winery, and to regain affinity with our vineyards. Originally drawn to Australia for its freedom of expression, Conor jumped at the offer—and has been with Moorilla since.

In every process of production, Moorilla consider, feel and sense. Moorilla abide by the weather, nurture our soils, and hand-tend the vines—tasting fruit in various stages of development, and handpicking once prime. With patience, Moorilla wait, to achieve the perfect balance and harmony, learning as they go.

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